Camelback Water Bottles

Camelback Water Bottles: The Bottle that started it all continues its dominance of the hard sided bottle market with even more color options than ever.

One thing is certain, no matter what you’re doing outdoors, you need water and when you’re away from a water source you need a way to carry it.  Summer, winter or in between, dehydration is a killer if you don’t have enough water. Camelback water bottles make perfect sense when you need to carry your water.  Whether it’s a family camping trip, the morning ride to work or a major expedition, a couple of water bottles in your pack will ensure you have enough water when you need it.  Backpack hydration systems make sense in a lot of cases, but when you just want to collect some water from the stream, purify it and have it handy for drinking straight away, water bottles are so much more practical.

Personally, I carry a hydration system for when I’m walking, but keep a couple of bottles in my pack to top up the hydration system when I need to.  I can also keep something different in one of the bottles. For example on a long trek, some oral hydration salts and/or powdered Gatorade mixed into one of your Camelback water bottles gives you that boost you need from time to time, while you can drink just plain water while you walk.

Bite Valves
Camelback water bottles feature the popular bite valves so you can always get that water flowing fast, no matter where you are.  Bite valves are fully replaceable, so you don’t need to replace the whole bottle when you eventually wear out the bite valve.  When it comes time to drink, just flip, bite and sip.  You don’t need to tip the container – although you can if you want, just remove the straw. Many Camelback Water Bottles are now dishwasher safe, so when you do get home, you can be sure your bottle is cleaned up safely, ready for your next adventure.

Save Money
Buying commercial bottled water is expensive – taking your own Camelback Water Bottles with you will save you a packet over time.  Simply fill up at home or on the run and save money every day.  Many studies have shown that commercial bottled water has no benefits over tap water and in some cases has even proven to be worse for you than tap water. 

There’s a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours, meaning there is an option for everyone. So whether your riding your bike to work, planning a family camping trip or participating in the latest expedition to conquer Mount Everest and the seven peaks, get with the smart crew and get your Camelback water bottles today.

And don’t forget the CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: If we built it, we’ll Bak it™ with our lifetime guarantee.